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Subrosa MR2 Frame

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Suitable forEveryone
Wheel Size20-inch

Launched in 2006 in Orlando, Florida, Subrosa produces some of the best complete bikes, frames and BMX parts available. Subrosa have good Pro team who test and develop all their products, so you get the very best and latest designs.

Subrosa MR2 Frame
Subrosa MR2 Frame Subrosa MR2 Frame

Matt has been basically riding non-stop since we sat him down on his very own signature frame dubbed the MR1. Although Matt’s big burly riding style hasn’t changed, he wanted to fine-tune a few things on his frame and change the theme to freshen it up a bit. We added to the standover height and changed it from 8.75″ to 9″ to make the bike a little more stable. The B.B. was also raised just a little bit, for a little extra pop. We also increased the length of the dropout slot to make the frame compatible with more gear ratios, and it also makes it easier to remove the rear wheel during repairs.

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