TSG Evolution Helmet

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TSG has a large range of protective wear including helmets, pads, goggles and apparel for a range of sports. Pros around the world use TSG for BMX, skate and snowsports.

TSG Evolution Helmet

The TSG Evolution helmet is a multi-sport helmet with a BMX/Skate design and a durable hardshell construction. This is a helmet offering a superb level of protection, as well as a carefully tailored fit for comfort, even with extended use. In the TSG range this is one of the slimmest designs, with a stylish looking low profile shape. Well vented for airflow to keep you cool.


  • Hardshell construction
  • Tuned fit system
  • Snug fit for added safety
  • Lower at the back for extra coverage
  • 14 vents
  • Comfort padding, with 2 sizes included

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