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Go Fast Pull Up Jimmy Levan Documentary DVD

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Go Fast Pull Up Jimmy Levan Documentary DVD

After 3 1/2 years production, Props and Dig with help from Vans present to you the story of BMX legend Jimmy Levan and his antics through his heyday.

Presented in a 76 page 8x8" professional quality illustrated book (with stickers), this is certainly a piece any mid-schooler needs in their collection of BMX memorabilia. And you new-schoolers oughta take note - This is how your BMX forefathers sculpted your favourite sport into what it is today.

There's also a ton of extra footage, with even more bonus material on the Blu Ray version.

Bonus Features:

  • Lost UGP Spaceship ad
  • Rescuing the eMac
  • Chase Hawk fake ID
  • Todd Lyons outtakes
  • Britt Walford crutches story
  • Seth advertisements
  • Susie speed racer
  • Teaser trailer
  • Full length trailer
  • Metal “Faded Glory” full video *Bluray only*
  • Metal “Dead Bang” full video *Bluray only*
  • Road Fools 1 full video (digitally re-mastered) *Bluray only*
  • Road Fools 2 full video *Bluray only*
  • Transit issue 3 Jimmy interview *Bluray only*
  • Props Issue 42 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only*
  • Props Issue 70 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only*

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