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Fit FAF Wire Tyre

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Fit is a long standing brand in the BMX world and has always offered superb frames, components and complete bikes. With a versatile team of veterans and new talent backing their products, the whole spectrum is catered for.

Fit FAF Wire Tyre

The excellent Fit FAF Tyres have different treads and behaviours, depending on which size you choose.

  • 2.25" & 2.3" Wide and solid with raised tread and smooth, thick sidewall; Durable & forgiving with outstanding grip
  • 2.1" Light, smooth, predictable, and stable; Large footprint with knurled sidewall, Unbroken center tread
  • 1.95"(Recommended for use on rear only) Super light, precise, and responsive; Low profile with knurled sidewall, Center speed groove
  • Wire Bead

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