DMR Vault Magnesium Pedals

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DMR has dirt in its blood. Since 1995 they have been producing trail and jump bikes as well as a wide range of aftermarket components to tear up the woods. Their developers are continuously working alongside other big names to provide you with reliable and beautiful products.

DMR Vault Magnesium Pedals

The DMR Vault [Mg] is the lightest large platform flat on the planet.
They've drawn from years of experience and rider feedback to create a Larger and Slimmer flat pedal.
Now it's even lighter than before. Perfect for the fastest and most demanding technical riding.

  • Big: 105x105mm [Platform].
  • Light: 366g Pair (Cro.Mo Axle).
  • Slim: Ultra Low Profile 17mm With Concave Foot-Bed.
  • Tough: Extruded Magnesium Body, CNC Machined.
  • Tuneable: Stud Or Bolt Pins Can Be Fitted To Fine Tune The Grip.
  • Fully Serviceable: High load DU bush and cartridge bearing.
  • All axles are 9/16"

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