TSG Kraken Helmet

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TSG has a large range of protective wear including helmets, pads, goggles and apparel for a range of sports. Pros around the world use TSG for BMX, skate and snowsports.

TSG Kraken Helmet

The TSG Kraken helmet is designed for maximum comfort and security. Utilising the special FlexTech design, the internal EPS foam segments will mould to the shape of your head. The back of this helmet is low for extended coverage and protection. The Kraken is a multi-sport helmet, so you could use it for anything you like, cycling, skate parks, roller blading....

  • Hardshell construction
  • Tuned Fit System
  • Removable, lightweight EPS impact foam pads
  • 14 vents with interior channels
  • 3-point strap adjustment
  • Snap chin buckle
  • Weight: 453g

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