Cult Dehart Tread Tyre

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Tyre BeadWire
Wheel Size20-inch

California West Coast BMX team with Robbie Morales as the figurehead and renowned riders like Dehart, Roche, Hawk and Ricany putting their line of parts to the test.

Cult Dehart Tread Tyre

Chase Dehart signature Cult tyre for mixed terrain use. The fully knurled brick pattern tread gives high levels of grip on wood, concrete, metal, brick and hard dirt. It can be run at high pressure for extremely low rolling resistance and high speed, or run at lower pressure for extra tackiness if you're into tech manual combos and like sticking to walls.

Available in 2.35" and 2.40" in several colours. If your preferred colour / size isn't currently listed there's a good chance it's discontinued, as the available options change regularly.


  • Chase Dehart signature tyre
  • 20x2.35" / 20x2.40" options
  • For all-round use with a deep knurled tread
  • Also available with slick tread
  • Max 110psi

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