TSG Recon Helmet

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TSG has a large range of protective wear including helmets, pads, goggles and apparel for a range of sports. Pros around the world use TSG for BMX, skate and snowsports.

TSG Recon Helmet

The TSG Recon is ideal for the urban commute rider, or anyone else who wants a cool helmet to keep their head safe. The Recon is just like the TSG Evolution, but with the addition of a small brim to form a peak at the front. The brim will help keep the wind, rain, or sun out of your eyes whilst riding. The hardshell construction offers tough protection and a snug fit. Quality buckle and adjustable straps for a secure, custom fit. Ride in style!


  • Hardshell construction
  • Tuned fit system
  • Snug fit for added safety
  • Lower at the back for extra coverage
  • 14 vents
  • Comfort padding, with 2 sizes included

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