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Odyssey Air Supply Innertube

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Odyssey are an innovative BMX company who always strive to bring you the highest quality parts and new technology. Their tubular components are rigorously tested by in-house machines and skilled riders, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Odyssey Air Supply Innertube

High quality innertube from Odyssey. Some people might go through 10 innertubes a month, or even a week. And it may not always be down to bad luck or heavy riding. Cheaper innertubes don't always offer the best rubber, or best quality control. Odyssey's tubes use a high grade rubber that is proven to hold air much longer than most competitors', and is stretchy enough to resist minor thorns etc. from pinhole-poking your tube. Also their strict quality control completely eliminates weaker tubes from creeping out onto the market. Rest assured with a handful of these in your bag.

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