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Fly Tractor XL Sprocket

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A Spanish BMX brand that covers park, trail and street with their extensive line of very high quality components and complete bikes. The riding style of their entire team is truly inspirational and their videos are always beaufitul to watch.

Fly Tractor XL Sprocket

Fly's Tractor XL Sprocket is heavy duty. The widest point at the centre has a colossal 16mm thickness, so thick that it requires the removal of the driveside BB cone to install, and the driveside crank arm is actually sunk into the sprocket. Manufactured from 6061-Grade CNC'd Aluminium, it's also surprisingly lightweight.

  • 100% CNC'd 6061-Grade Aluminium
  • Bolt drive only
  • Available as 25t / 28t
  • 19mm / 22mm / 24mm adapters included
  • Also available as a regular 6mm thick, 7075-Grade sprocket
  • Weight: 118g / 4.1oz (25t)

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