DMR Vault Pedals

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DMR has dirt in its blood. Since 1995 they have been producing trail and jump bikes as well as a wide range of aftermarket components to tear up the woods. Their developers are continuously working alongside other big names to provide you with reliable and beautiful products.

DMR Vault Pedals

The Vaults are set to be DMR's premium pedal, being both thinner and lighter than their previous designs. Don't panic, the classic V12 and V8 pedals will still be available, but the Vaults will be taking it to the next level. When your foot is on the Vault the widest part of the body will be directly under the ball of your foot, behind that point it tapers down slightly where material isn't needed. Not only does this make for a lighter design, but it also means that the leading edge of the underside of the pedal is less likely to strike anything as it is smaller than the upper deck that your foot is resting on. Clever work eh?
While there are lots of pedal options available that feature a concave foot bed, the new Vault uses a double concave design to cradle your foot even more. Not only front to back, but also side to side as well. The majority of the pedal pins thread up from the opposite side via allen key heads, with the center four of each foot bed being set screws instead with the intention of them not tearing up your soles as much due to all your weight being focused over the center of the pedal. The body turns on a combination of a sealed bearing at the end of the axle and a high load bushing closer to the crank arm.

  • Size: 9/16"

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