BSD Raider V3 Frame

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BSD is a UK based BMX company that makes a full range of components. They have a really solid pro freestyle team to back their products and they always bring new tech tricks to the table.
BSD Raider V3 Frame

David Grant's a tall cat so his signature Raider V3 is a bit larger than your traditional street frame. With a toptube going up to a huge 21.6, a longer than average 13.5-14.0 rear and a 9.5 standover, this frame is big and burly. Steep head angle for a responsive front, and solid features like invest dropouts and necessary butting/gusseting to further increase durability.


  • 20.75, 21.0, 21.3, 21.6" Toptubes
  • 13.5 - 14.0" Rear
  • 75.2 deg. Headtube
  • 71 deg. Seattube
  • 9.5" Standover
  • 11.5" BB
  • Investment Cast Dropouts with Integrated Tensioners
  • Removable Brake Hardware
  • Integrated Headset, Mid BB
  • Weight 5lbs

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