BSD Raider V3 2018 Frame

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BSD is a UK based BMX company that makes a full range of components. They have a really solid pro freestyle team to back their products and they always bring new tech tricks to the table.
BSD Raider V3 2018 Frame

These are the 2018 colour releases for the Raider V3 frame. The specifications remain the same but it is also now available with a 21.9" toptube.

David Grant's a tall cat so his signature Raider V3 is a bit larger than your traditional street frame. With a toptube going up to a huge 21.9, a longer than average 13.5-14.0 rear and a 9.5 standover, this frame is big and burly. Steep head angle for a responsive front, and solid features like invest dropouts and necessary butting/gusseting to further increase durability.


  • 20.75, 21.0, 21.3, 21.6", 21.9" Toptubes
  • 13.5 - 14.0" Rear
  • 75.2 deg. Headtube
  • 71 deg. Seattube
  • 9.5" Standover
  • 11.5" BB
  • Investment Cast Dropouts with Integrated Tensioners
  • Removable Brake Hardware
  • Integrated Headset, Mid BB
  • Weight 5lbs

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